Half the fun of being a homeowner is being able to show off your superb house hosting skills to all of your friends and family—and what better season to host a party than in beautiful, colorful autumn? If you need some creative inspo to complete your chic and festive gathering, look no further! From DIY decor to pumpkin spice cocktails, we’ve rounded up a list of fall party favorites to help you throw the ultimate autumn housewarming get-together.

DIY Decor

Looking for a straightforward, low-maintenance DIY piece? Leaves are the least expensive and most solid decor item to best convey your seasonal theme. Grab a handful from your own backyard and clean them off to the best of your ability. Take a roll of twine and string a single piece along your wall, hallway, or doorway entrance securing with pushpins on either side. Space some miniature clothing pins roughly 3-4” apart along the twine, then clip your leaves’ stems between the pins and let hang them upside down. For a more stunning effect, spread a thin layer of rubber cement on each leaf’s surface and then sprinkle a handful of gold glitter on top. Voilà—instant glamor.

leaves on a string



If you thought the pumpkin-carving season was over, think again—a small to medium-sized pumpkin will make the perfect vase for your fall floral arrangement. Sunflowers, calla lilies, peonies, and roses in a range of oranges, yellows, and reds will make an eclectic bouquet full of depth and vibrancy. Once you remove the insides of your select pumpkin, take your bouquet and cut the stems down so that the heads of the flowers peek just above the edge of the pumpkin’s rim. Arrange a crown of red leaves around the base of the pumpkin, and use the leftover stems to fill the gaps in the bouquet.

pumpkin centerpiece step 2

Put a single pumpkin centerpiece on your snack table layout, or take several pumpkins of varying sizes and scatter them throughout your home (little ones will make the perfect placeholders for red, spicy scented candles).

Cocktail Hour

The pumpkin spiced latte is well-established as a seasonal Starbucks staple, but you could ultimately set the trend amongst your friends for the adult beverage version.

pumpkin spiced margaritas

RealHousemoms.com proved to us how seasonally versatile a drink the margarita is when they concocted the Pumpkin Spice Marg—a fall twist on the traditional party pleaser. Their recipe which, contains tequila, orange peels, pumpkin, and cinnamon is the perfect festive cocktail to delight your thirsty guests. (Did we mention that it’s also really pretty?)

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine is not only delicious, but it will hit your guests with that warm, spicy, toasty scent the minute they step through your door. There are a zillion amazing recipes for mulled wine, but we happen to like this tangy, tart enhanced version from Bon Appetit.

mulled wine


A meat and cheese plate is always a go-to crowd pleaser (assuming not all your guests are vegan). Add a jar of jam, a cup of roasted almonds, and some sliced apples—this colorful assortment will be the ideal balance of both sweet & savory goodness.

bread apples meat on tray

There is also never a better season to enjoy a warm, roasted carrot soup. Fill your crockpot with this delicious recipe version from Food 52This soup will not only satisfy your fall cravings, but it has all the ingredients (roasted vegetables, herbs, and ginger) to keep you healthy in the coming cold months.


Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummund makes a mean apple tart; served with a cup of warm caramel on the side, this recipe gets our vote for its accessible dipping factor. However, no one ever complained about a good old-fashioned apple pie. A low-maintenance baking alternative? Sugar cookies in leaf cut-out shapes are always a delicious (not to mention decorative) addition. Not into baking? Even store-bought pumpkin frosted sugar cookies will do the trick (just make sure to take them out of the box, and arrange them on a plate or platter—there are, after all, standard rules for hosting).

apple slices and nuts


No matter how you decide to decorate, or what you cook to serve, your housewarming party will be a success because it’s yours. We hope that this list will guide and inspire you to create your own version of the perfect housewarming party.